Back-Testing My Investing Thought Process During a Crisis

It’s easy to be a “good investor” when everyone is making money. When the market is up 30% in a year, the odds are pretty good that you’ll enjoy logging into your TDAmeritrade account and watching the value of your positions increase. “Look at me,” you’ll chuckle to yourself, spreading your arms aloft in frontContinue reading “Back-Testing My Investing Thought Process During a Crisis”

Coronavirus and the REIT Dude’s Investments: Part 2

There’s a lot going in in the REIT Dude’s life right now. I have an incredible 2-month-old baby at home. I spend my days (and the occasional night and weekend) working in the corporate world. And, it lately seems, I spend the remainder of my time looking at market news and wondering if the worldContinue reading “Coronavirus and the REIT Dude’s Investments: Part 2”

We’re All Going to Die of Coronavirus and it’s Time to Freak the Fuck Out.

First off, I apologize for the lapse in posting. Blogging about REITs and dividend investing may be a hobby, but I’ve also got a day job that can keep me preposterously busy from time to time. But, on the off-chance there are actually “fans” of this humble REIT blog who have been refreshing the pageContinue reading “We’re All Going to Die of Coronavirus and it’s Time to Freak the Fuck Out.”

What About Passively Managed REIT Funds?

In the short history of this young-but-venerable REIT blog, I have already expressed a few positions that form the cornerstones of my investing philosophy: (1.) REITs are pretty great. (2.) Diversification is pretty great. (3.) Index funds are pretty great. So it would stand to reason, then, that I must love passively managed, low-cost REITContinue reading “What About Passively Managed REIT Funds?”

On Diversification and Home Ownership

In a previous post, I wrote that I like investing in REITs because it gives me more exposure to real estate (i.e., more diversification) than I’d get from buying index funds alone. (Recall that the typical market-capitalization-weighted S&P 500 index fund is going to be about 3% REITs.)* I think that real estate is aContinue reading “On Diversification and Home Ownership”