Be a Lazy Farmer With REITs, pt. 2: Gladstone Land Corporation (LAND).

Yesterday on this here REIT Blog I wrote about how you can use REITs to invest in farmland and looked at one specific agricultural property REIT–Farmland Partners, Inc. (FPI). Today, I am going to look at another agricultural REIT – Gladstone Land Corporation (ticker: LAND). Before we start looking at LAND, let’s review some ofContinue reading “Be a Lazy Farmer With REITs, pt. 2: Gladstone Land Corporation (LAND).”

What About Passively Managed REIT Funds?

In the short history of this young-but-venerable REIT blog, I have already expressed a few positions that form the cornerstones of my investing philosophy: (1.) REITs are pretty great. (2.) Diversification is pretty great. (3.) Index funds are pretty great. So it would stand to reason, then, that I must love passively managed, low-cost REITContinue reading “What About Passively Managed REIT Funds?”