Back-Testing My Investing Thought Process During a Crisis

It’s easy to be a “good investor” when everyone is making money. When the market is up 30% in a year, the odds are pretty good that you’ll enjoy logging into your TDAmeritrade account and watching the value of your positions increase. “Look at me,” you’ll chuckle to yourself, spreading your arms aloft in frontContinue reading “Back-Testing My Investing Thought Process During a Crisis”

The Peace that Comes from Dividend Investing

We are living through history. And, as I suspect has been the case for most folks throughout history with a conscious feeling of “living through history,” it doesn’t feel great. The REIT Dude has been “sheltered in place” with Mrs. REIT Dude and Baby REIT Dude for a bit more than a month now. IContinue reading “The Peace that Comes from Dividend Investing”